Disaster Recovery Plan Roles and Responsibilities Templates

Download Free Disaster Recovery Plan Roles and Responsibilities Templates
Proper and easy to be understand roles and responsibilities is the key to successful Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Program. Below is simple Roles and Responsilities templates for DRP. DRP program team usually consist of Damage Assessment Team, Executive Team, Restoration Team, Operations Team, Customer Support Team, Salvage/Reclamation Team, Administrative Support Team.

Damage Assessment Team
Roles: The Damage Assessment Team assesses the extent of the damage to the Data Center, reports to the Executive Team, and makes a recommendation on declaring a disaster.

Executive Team
Roles: The Executive Team officially declares that a disaster has occurred, authorizes the execution of the Disaster Recovery Plan, and oversees the execution of the plan during the emergency.

Restoration Team
Roles: The Restoration Team brings the hot site/alternate [XYZ COMPANY] email systems to operational mode by managing the relocation of services to the hot site/alternate email processing site, initiating and managing the recovery procedures at the hot site, and responding to operational problems at the hot site. The Restoration Team also manages the relocation of services back to the Data Center.

Operations Team
Roles: The Operations Team assists in the recovery operations and manages the operations of the computer systems at the hot site.

Customer Support Team
Roles: The Customer Support team provides assistance to customers during the disaster from the time the disaster is declared until operations resume at the Data Center.

Salvage/Reclamation Team
Roles: The Salvage/Reclamation Team manages the restoration or rebuilding of the Data Center.

Administrative Support Team
Roles: The Administrative Support Team provides logistical and organizational support for all the other teams.

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