Complete Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Templates

Complete Disaster Recovery Plan Templates
Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) describes the strategy and procedures for recovering Data Center processing of applications should a disaster substantially disrupt operations. This simple templates could be used for your Company's DRP purpose available free

- Purpose
- Scope
- Disaster Recovery Strategy
- Disaster Definition
- Assumptions
- Area-Wide Disasters
- Contractual Arrangement For Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Action Plan
- Backup and Off-Site Storage Procedures
- Off-Site Storage Services
- Disaster Response
- Hot Site Hardware and Software Configurations
- Resuming Normal Operations
- Security

Functional Teams and Responsibilities
- Damage Assessment Team
- Executive Team
- Restoration Team
- Operations Team
- Customer Support Team
- Salvage/Reclamation Team
- Administrative Support Team

Testing the [Server A]/[Server B] Disaster Recovery Plan
- Hot Site Test Procedures
- Hot Site Test Planning
- Application Testing Support
- Post-Test Wrap-Up
- Hot Site Test Schedule

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